Urban Legends

The Crossroads Vampire

Legends say that there is a dread vampire buried in the busiest crossroads at the center of Forgehome, and if a night passes without someone walking over his resting place, he will rise again. The city guards make it a point to patrol that area at least once an hour.

The Drinking Buddy

We’ve all been down on our luck at some point and laid our problems out over a drink to a listening ear, but there is an angel of Kelemvor who disguises himself as a human and listens to tavern patrons’ life stories. If he takes pity on you, legend has it that you will die that night and move on to the halls of Celestial.

The Grey Agents

It is believed that there is a secret group of citizens that, by night, act as a vigilante group under the auspices of house Astor. Anyone could be a member, and if you’re a criminal and not careful, the cheery bartender you speak to one day could be cutting your throat that very evening.

Urban Legends

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