This page details the militaries of Astoria, as well as notable military figures.


The militaries of Astoria are all controlled by the noble houses. Additionally, career soldiers work as town or city guards in times of peace. Occasionally, small groups of soldiers will be dispatched to deal with monsters that are threatening civilians on the outskirts of settlements when there are no adventurers to be found.

Notable Military Figures

The Crimson Band

The Crimson Band is a group of mercenaries that travel the lands of Astoria selling their services as monster hunters. Its members try their hand at defeating any and all monsters they can to gain fighting experience against a multitude of different creatures as well as to hone their own skills.

Omon Wraithhammer

The most decorated company under the command of the Astors is the Ghostbane Legion, whose commander is a mountain dwarf by the name of Omon Wraithhammer. Omon is a decorated slayer of apparitions, who has over 15 confirmed “kills” of ghostly beings that have haunted the people of Astoria. He is rarely seen without a spectral boar at his side.

Valdin Corbray

A zealous worshiper of both Kord and Bane, Valdin Corbray is an imposing sight both on and off the battlefield. He is the chief tactical advisor to House Eternal, but during a battle he will invariably be found on the front lines, singing the praises of his gods and felling scores of enemies with his maul.


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