Religion on Eutros has changed in the 500 years since the fall of the Faithless. Where the gods once directly interfered in events large and small all across the continent, their influence has lessened in the last half century. Now, they are content to watch from afar, subtly directing the world according to their whims.


The deities that make up the pantheon of Eutros are grouped into one of twelve “courts”, each one overseen by a major deity.

The Twelve and Their Minor Deities

The deities below are listed as Name (Spheres) [Symbol]

Moradin (God of Creation, Dwarves) [Flaming Anvil] Moradin is the head of the pantheon and the first god. He is responsible for creating the world and its inhabitants, as well as the other gods.

  • Erathis (Goddess of Invention and Inspiration) [Top Half of a Clockwork Gear]
  • Onatar (God of Crafts) [Crossed Hammer and Tongs]

Avandra (Goddess of Change, Luck, Freedom) [Three wavy lines]

  • Beshaba (Goddess of Bad Luck) [Black Antlers]
  • Ralishaz (God of Insanity) [Three Bone Fate-Casting Sticks]
  • Sirrion (God of Chaos) [Multi-Colored Fire]

Bane (God of War, Conquest, Hobgoblins, Goblins) [Claw with Three Talons]

  • Asmodeus (God of Tyranny) [Three Triangles in Tight Formation]
  • Kord (Single Combat, Athletics) [Four Spears and Four Maces Radiating from a Central Point]

Boldrei (Goddess of Community, Civilization, Home) [Fire in a Hearth]

  • Olidammara (God of Revelry) [Laughing Mask]
  • Deneir (God of Communication) [Lit candle above an open eye]

Corellon (God of Magic, Art, Elves, Love, Beauty) [Quarter Moon]

  • Garl Glittergold (God of Trickery, Gnomes) [Gold Nugget]
  • Branchalla (God of Music) [Bard’s Harp]

Ioun (Goddess of Knowledge, Secrets) [Book]

  • Zehir (God of Assassins) [Snake in the shape of a dagger]

Kelemvor (God of Life, Death, Balance) [Skeletal Arm with Scales]

  • Chemosh (God of Undeath) [Yellow Skull]
  • Yondalla (Goddess of Fertility, Halflings) [Shield]

Kinsey Bellamy (God of Chivalry, Valor) [Lightning Bolt]

  • Bahamut (God of Justice, Nobility) [Dragon Head in Profile]
  • St. Cuthbert (God of Vengeance, Zeal) [Circle at the Center of a Starburst of Lines]

Lolth (Goddess of Spiders, Drow, Darkness) [Spider]

  • Celestian (God of Stars) [Seven stars in a circle]
  • Sehanine (Goddess of the Moon) [Three-quarter Moon]
  • Talona (Goddess of Disease, Poison) [Three Tear Drops in a Triangle]

Obad-Hai (God of Nature, Feywild, Underdark)

  • Balinor (God of Animals) [Pair of Antlers]
  • Ehlonna (Goddess of the Hunt) [Unicorn Horn]
  • Gruumsh (God of Orcs, Storms) [Unblinking Eye]
  • Melora (God of the Sea) [Wavelike Swirl]
  • Semuanya (God of Survival, Lizardfolk) [Egg]

Pelor (God of Light, the Sun) [Sunburst]

  • Mishokal (Goddess of Healing) [Blue Infinity Sign]
  • Rao (God of Peace) [White Heart]

Tiamat (Goddess of Trade, Wealth, Greed, Chromatic Dragons) [Dragon Head with Five Claw Marks]


The deities of Eutros encompass all aspects of their respective spheres, and as such you will find any and all alignments among followers of every deity. It is no more unusual to see a lawful good follower of Asmodeus as it is to find a chaotic evil follower of Pelor.

Religious Groups

Below are some of the religious groups that are found on Eutros.

The Lightning Order

The Lightning Order is the name given to the monastic order of clerics and paladins who follow Kinsey Bellamy (formerly Heironeus). Before the events of the Eternal War, the Lightning Order had several monasteries located throughout Astoria that served as strongholds and bases of operation. About 50 years before the fall of the Faithless, the Order all but disappeared from the face of Eutros. Since the Eternal War ended, the Order has risen again, determined to return to its former glory.

The Seekers of the Truth

After the death of Vecna during the rise of the Faithless, a small group of his followers believed that Vecna had in fact found a way to keep his divine essence alive, but no one has yet been able to find any evidence to substantiate this claim. Nonetheless, the Seekers of the Truth have grown in number over the last 500 years, and they are determined to find the answer to what they believe to be Vecna’s final secret.


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