Groups of Note

This page outlines important groups in Astoria that are not related to religion or noble houses.

Order of the Black Claw

The Order of the Black Claw is a group whose goal is to promote the presence of lycanthropy among the people of Eutros. It was founded shortly after the fall of the Faithless by Brant, one of the heroes of the Eternal War. The Order reached the height of its power approximately 100 years ago, with their membership number in the thousands. However, their activities became too obvious to ignore and they attracted the attention of a group of Lycan Hunters from the Feywild. Their tensions eventually led to a large confrontation between the two groups in which many lost their lives including Brant, who was leading the charge. After the battle, the Order of the Black Claw retreated into the shadows and now works quietly to further their goals. Members of the Order either live solitary lives in the forests of the land or will group together in small conclaves. No one but the Order itself knows if these individuals remain in contact with each other or if they have truly splintered, but the numbers of lycans have been slowly increasing since the Order formally disbanded.

The Blooded

The Blooded are a loose network of thieves, spies, and assassins that are said to operate in the underbelly of society in all of Astoria. The name Blooded is (supposedly) a reference to the practice of new members being initiated by having a drop of blood drawn and placed into a decanter along with every previous member’s blood.

The Undying Sentinels

The Undying Sentinels are a group of soldiers from the Fey whose members include all of the races that govern the Feywild; Elves, Eladrin, Satyr, Gnomes, and Centaurs. Their leader is Hadarai Liadon, the Lion of Mithrendain. The Undying Sentinels’ mission is to protect the Fey Court, as well as to act as a security force for Mithrendain and an army in times of war.

Groups of Note

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