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500 years after the Eternal War and the fall of the Faithless, Eutros has undergone a transformation. The Twelve, whose hands had once guided and shaped every aspect of the world. have pulled their influence away from the affairs of mortals. In their place the elemental forces, once confined to their own planes, have been given limited reign over areas of the world.

With the gods’ absence, life has grown harder for the citizens of Astoria. Outside their walls, monsters that have not been seen for ages have surfaced, ready to prey upon the civilized nations of the world. From within, political scheming and power plays threaten to undermine the long-established and divinely ordained rulers of the land.

Our heroes find themselves brought together in the town of Irondell, the same place that the heroes of the Eternal War began their quest. However, where 500 years ago Irondell was a bustling and integral part of the economy of Astoria, it is now a shell of its former self. The once-endless iron mines emptied, and soon after the population of the town followed suit. It is here that the party will begin their journey, with the future of Eutros and their own fates clouded in uncertainty.

Faithless 2: Disbelieve Harder

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